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death by image

pictures of a darkened innocence

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This is a happy little community
A wonderful fanciful world of darkness and faeries... and imaginative and openminded thought...

-*¬ Post what pictures you want, but please, no cheerleader-looking, prom-queen chicks dying for attention saying 'I'm not pretty enough, what do you think of my ugly picture?' But whatever, go for it if you want...

-*¬ Write or say whatever you want... I don't fucking care!.... I created the name for this community some reason after listening to 'Beautiful Decay' by Darkest Hour...... bloody brilliant band and incredible song :S... whatever.... but yea, this is a photo community, I guess... but it doesn't really exist...

-*¬ If you have lots of picture, please try to put them behing an LJCUT.

Created and run by _- bleekerstreet -_ Cptn Joel... Bob... or... Sir Urbina.... or something? fuck it, you don't care!